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About credd

i discovered my inner princessiness years ago. i love taking photos and talking. what better place to do it than here! i can call someone on the phone...get their machine...and carry on a conversation like i'm talking to someone!!! i'm a 59-year-old gemini. i usually celebrate my birthday for the entire month of june. after all...there are two of me! :)
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3 Responses to 183

  1. Yes I remember that…I still have a couple ISO-400 rolls in a box and haven’t seen day light in years now 😉

    • credd says:

      i took a couple of photos yesterday…and the feel of pressing the shutter was SO different. i made sure i had my photo framed exactly as i wanted it. i took extra time that i don’t take when shooting digitally.

  2. Shukura says:

    i have 4 in my BAG right now

    a guy saw one of them and laughed his head off i asked him what was so funny and he said that he hadnt seen one of them in years lol

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